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Victor Cardona - February 26, 2014

IP Focus: Want to Speed up Your Patent? Get on the Patent Prosecution Highway

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) was created to speed up the examination process for patent applications filed in patent offices located throughout the world.  Through the PPH process,...

Victor Cardona - February 21, 2014

IP Focus: White House pushes change at the PTO

The Obama administration's new focus on administrative solutions to problems facing the country has also made it to the US Patent and Trademark Office with a new series of proposals....

IP Focus: PTO Proposes Rules on Transparency in Patent Ownership Records

The USPTO has proposed new rules that would require recordation of the “attributable owners” of patents and pending applications.  Although current statute provides incentives for optionally...

AREDAY - February 19, 2014

How the Planet Could Take Gold for $51 Billion

It has taken seven years of planning, billions of dollars, the complete transformation of a resort town and in two weeks it is all over. After much anticipation, the biggest and most...

Victor Cardona - February 12, 2014

New York Green Bank Opens for business

Governor Cuomo announced the Opening of the new Green Bank.  According to the press release the Bank is "seeking proposals from private sector lenders, investors and industry participants...

Victor Cardona - February 11, 2014

IP Focus: What is a patent troll and do they bite?

 A patent troll is an entity which owns a patent(s) and which trolls for infringers of its patents.They can bite or at least take a bite out of someone's wallet.   Patent owners which...

Victor Cardona - February 07, 2014

Start up, Aquion, works on electric grid batteries.

New battery uses sodium ions instead of  lithium-ion's to reduce cost but trade-off is increase in size relative to lithium-ion batteries as reported by the MIT Technolgy Review  here....

IP Focus:Forfeiting Part of Your Design - What Happens to Multiple Designs in a Single Design Patent Filing?

Design patents allow an applicant to protect the ornamental aspects of functional inventions (e.g., solar panels, wind turbines, fuel cell housings, etc.).  If the appearance of your...

Lumos Solar - February 06, 2014

Bennet-Heller bill calls for solar tax credits

Reposting from Boulder County Business Report:  http://bcbr.com/article/20140206/NEWS/140209960/-1/newsletterThursday?utm_source=BCBR+Newsletters&utm_campaign=31d25b0fec-BCBR_Thursday2_6_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ca907f564e-31d25b0fec-63480833...

Macky Han - February 05, 2014

Zinc is the Unsung Hero of the Construction World

A sustainable construction ethic isn’t a luxury any more, we really need to rethink our building practices and aims to make sure they’re as environmentally friendly as possible. It’s...

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