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J. Eric Mathis - April 07, 2014

Open Innovation & Solar: A New Horizon Emerges in the Heart of Coal Country

Many visions have been laid out and developed over the years that point towards what economist Jeremy Rifken calls the Third Industrial Revolution: a network economy where the entire...

I P focus: What if someone tries to register my trademark? Be like Mickey.

What should you do if you discover that someone is trying to register a trademark that you believe to be similar to trademark(s) that you own or that you have been using in conjunction...

IP Focus: U.S.P.T.O. to Patent Examiners: Gunpowder “Is Not Markedly Different” From a Product of Nature

The U.S.P.T.O. recently issued guidelines on how its examiners should analyze inventions’ patent-eligibility under 35 U.S.C. § 101 in accordance with developing Supreme Court jurisprudence,...

Imports and Patents: Beware of Infringement: Your Imported PRODUCT Might Not be Patented, But the PROCESS is!

Importing products into the United States can be a tricky business especially when intellectual property rights are involved.  One must be sure that any products imported into the U.S....

Jennifer Runyon - March 21, 2014

ExxonMobil Acknowledges Climate Change to Shareholders

We don’t cover climate change news all that much here on RenewableEnergyWorld.com. The reason for that is that we view climate change as just one bullet point in a list of reasons why...

Victor Cardona - March 19, 2014

IP Focus: How do you say patent in Italiano . . . and does it matter?

Brevetto . . . bray-vett-oh . . . and it does matter - if you want protection for your invention in the most beautiful country in the old world (in the author's slightly biased opinion)....

Victor Cardona - March 17, 2014

IP Focus: I know that I should get moving on protecting my invention. What am I losing out on by waiting?

If you have invented a new product (e.g., solar cell, wind turbine component, battery cathode, fuel cell catalyst), process or composition of matter, waiting could allow someone else...

geoAMPS - March 17, 2014

Enhancing project efficiencies with geoAMPS

Acquisition of right of way is necessary before wind energy, solar energy, transportation, construction and similar ambitious projects can proceed. geoAMPS, a technology company in...

Jennifer Runyon - March 14, 2014

Renewable Energy Brings Out Some Extreme Nimbyism

You may have heard of extreme preppers. These are people who spend a large portion of their time preparing themselves, their homes and their families for what they believe is an inevitable...

Victor Cardona - March 10, 2014

Hairy Particles: Paper Battery gains a partner, looks for customers, and receives a *Hairy patent.*

Paper Battery Co. signs up a partner and looks to sell its paper thin patches to smartphone manufacturers.  This 5 year old start up in Troy, NY hopes to bring in $3 million in revenue...

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