Hydrogen - Fuel Cells Blog Posts

IP Focus: Foreign Patent Applicants Beware!

Many changes have come to the patent system recently, particularly since September 2012 and even more so since March of this year. One of the most overlooked aspects relates to the...

raj mishra - May 15, 2014

New Fuel Source in Used Tires: IFWCORP Explains

In the search for new sources of fuel, recycling companies like IFWCORP are finding new value in discarded plastics and rubber. According to the President of the company, Jay A. Brown,...

Victor Cardona - May 09, 2014

Turning NY Electric Utilities into Traffic Cops?

The New York Public Service Commission envisions a new type of Electric Utility model according to the NY Timeswhere hundreds of producers sell into the electric grid and the utilities...

IP Focus: Patent Inventor versus owner: StoneEagle Services v. Gillman

What does it mean to be an inventor versus an owner of a patent?  And what does this do to somebody who is instead the author of the text of a patent application?  The inventorship,...

Dan Liggett - May 07, 2014

geoAMPS helps wind industry achieve goals

How to build on the past success of the wind industry is a major topic at Windpower 2014, the annual industry conference organized by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). This...

Energy and Mines - May 07, 2014

The application and evolution of hybrid systems for mining operations

Many of the first applications of renewable energy technologies for mining operations are hybrid solutions using a combination of renewables and diesel gensets. This discussion featuring...

Victor Cardona - April 23, 2014

Clean Energy Patents jump in 2013-GM takes Crown-Solar beats Fuel Cells-Clean Energy Patent Growth Index

U.S. patents for Clean Energy technologies in 2013 were at an all time high of 3175, which was 114 more than 2012.  GM took the annual Clean Energy Patent crown back from Toyota after...

Dan Liggett - April 22, 2014

geoAMPS: Celebrating Earth Day with solutions that are paperless

geoAMPS joins the celebration of Earth Day today, April 22, by offering paperless solutions for organizations and projects. geoAMPS, a technology company located in the Columbus, OH,...

Barry Stevens - April 14, 2014

Can Hydrogen Fueling Stations Be Far Behind?

This discussion is a sequel to, “Are Hydrogen Fuel Cells Vehicles Dead on Arrival?” What follows is a deeper look at the infrastructure, specifically hydrogen fueling stations, needed...

Benjamin Falber - April 11, 2014

Hudson Valley & NYC Brace As Imminent Changes to New York’s Energy Markets Approach

Cowritten by Natara G. Feller, Esq. The race to solve New York’s energy future is on and competing solutions have hit a new threshold of controversy.  In one corner, Governor Cuomo...

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