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Green Power Blog Posts

5th TOWER Conference - July 25, 2014

Bosch-Rexroth informes on Wind Technology

In uncontrolled braking processes, the torque transmitted by the gearbox can exceed the rated torque several times and cause damage to gearwheels and bearings. Parveen Gupta with Bosch-Rexroth...

Michael Brower - July 24, 2014

Despite Ohio Freeze, Renewable Energy Continues To Be Hot

Last month, Ohio Governor Kasich signed legislation putting a two-year ‘freeze’ on the state’s proven, successful, and money-saving renewable energy standard. Doing so, he is moving...

Nader Yarpezeshkan - July 24, 2014

Cenergy Power and Greenleaf-TNX successfully commission 1.8MW “Cloverdale Solar” Project on Sonoma County Landfill Site

Cenergy Power and Greenleaf-TNX are pleased to announce that they have successfully commissioned a 1.8 MW DC solar facility in Cloverdale, California, known as the "Cloverdale Solar"...

Chris Meehan - July 24, 2014

Colorado’s Rooftop Solar Battle Heats up as SunEdison Buys State’s Largest Project

Today (July 24) Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission took up the debate over the future of net-metered solar rooftops in the state. At the same time SunEdison announced that it purchased...

5th TOWER Conference - July 24, 2014

Expert Knowledge on the Jones Act

The Jones Act plays a significant role in the development of offshore wind farms as it can have a substantial impact on project timing and costs. Charlie Papavizas, Partner with Winston...

Rhone Resch - July 23, 2014

Solar Energy ‘Lighting Up’ Professional Sports

When it comes to clean energy and sustainability, solar looks to be a shoo-in one day for the “green” Hall of Fame. Today, more and more sports teams, sports leagues and sports organizations...

Victor Cardona - July 23, 2014

GE announces Fuel Cell plant -Innovation grows in New York Cleantech

GE will build a Solid Oxide fuel cell plant in Saratoga County, NY to take advantage of research performed at GE's R& D Center in Niskayuna according to the Business Review.  GE has...

Emily Hois - July 23, 2014

Community Solar Gardens Sprout from Contaminated Sites

Shiny solar electric panels will soon be constructed where redwood barrels once cured 5,000 tons of pickles. The former Dreher Pickle plant, which operated from 1921 to 1988 in Fort...

5th TOWER Conference - July 23, 2014

Be an Early Bird - Save up to $200

Registration for Early Bird Tickets is still open until July 30, 2014! Go online and get your ticket now! This year’s TOWER Conference will unite onshore and offshore wind energy experts...

Lumos Solar - July 22, 2014

From concept to actual, an outdoor kitchen gets a solar touch

What concept can you make into a reality with LSX? July 22, 2014 – Spring and summer are perfect for spending outdoors with family and friends. The Bitting family wanted to do exactly...

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