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Storage Blog Posts

Chris Meehan - 7 hours ago

SunEdison Acquires Energy Storage Company Solar Grid Storage

Today (March 5) SunEdison announced that it purchased Solar Grid Storage a maker of battery storage systems intended to provide back up storage for the grid as well as buffer the power...

Chris Meehan - March 03, 2015

Resiliency: A Buzz Word in Solar for 2015

As solar and wind become bigger contributors to utilities’ energy generation they're talking more and more about grid resiliency. Clean Energy Group just introduced two new reports...

Maria Blais Costello - March 03, 2015

Cities and Climate Adaptation: A Guide to Resilient Power Planning

Every city should have a resilient power plan for critical public and private facilities to keep the lights on, the communication systems running, and emergency services operational...

Thomas Buonomo - March 03, 2015

To Shift Middle East Away from Nuclear Track, U.S. Should Invest in Solar Partnerships

The Middle East is on track toward a nuclear proliferation nightmare as Iranian officials have expressed their intent to vastly expand Iran’s domestic nuclear enrichment capacity by...

Michael Pierce - February 26, 2015

How To Properly Load And Prepare A Shipping Container

Arranging for a shipping container is easy.  Quality companies offer both new and used standard and high cube shipping containers. Depending on how large your load is, you can choose...

GreenLancer - February 20, 2015

Take a closer look: ICF’s offer ‘positive cash flow’ in Energy Savings

Insulating Concrete Forms ...Not just for foundations anymore… When I began my research for Michigan contractors using ICF’s (Insulating Concrete Forms) and dove deeper into case studies...

Michael Pierce - February 13, 2015

You’ve Never Seen These Unusual Uses for Shipping Containers

The average shipping container is a very common sight all over the world, and no matter where you go, they all look pretty similar. Although these shipping containers are all made for...

Jo-Anne Duff - February 12, 2015

What's holding planning permission for solar back in the UK?

We have a solar strategy and, depending on who you're speaking to, somewhere between 5 and 8 GW of solar installed in the UK. So what's happening at the planning level and how are town...

Tom DeRosa - February 11, 2015

Nuclear: Is It Clean and Green?

Nuclear energy has been, and still is, a vital part of the current U.S. energy picture. It has provided a steady baseload energy source for decades, and this may continue — it is projected...

Chris Meehan - February 05, 2015

CUNY to Help Develop Power-Outage Ready Solar Electric Systems

Solar power is great—or at least it should be great—in case the power goes out. But in the U.S. that’s largely not the case. For instance during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in...

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