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Steven Corneli - October 15, 2014

We Can Do Better: The Unintended Consequences of EPA’s “Clean Power Plan”

Most people agree that it is time to seriously reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG).  EPA is actually required by law to reduce power and industrial GHG emissions in the...

Janet Kilpatrick - October 13, 2014

ENER-G partners with Cornes Biogas to enter Japanese Biogas CHP market

  Combined heat and power (CHP) specialist ENER-G has appointed Cornes Biogas  as its Cogen Partner for Japan - gaining a first contract at Shikaoi municipal biogas plant, in Hokkaido....

Meg Cichon - October 10, 2014

Prost! 5 Breweries Embracing Renewable Energy

Love it or hate it, summer is gone and cold weather is creeping its way into our lives. Here in New England, fall brings all sorts of activities, from apple picking to pumpkin patches...

Victor Cardona - October 08, 2014

NY versus MA in Tech? Cleantech? Who wins?

New York Tech versus Massachusetts Tech. Who wins?  Unlike the Yankees and Red Sox this fall, this competition continues.    According to the Business Review and CB Insights, New York's...

IP Focus: PTO's AFP Extended - Useful or Another Acronym to Remember?

The US patent office has extended its After Final Pilot (AFP)  program for another year. This program is designed to facilitate communication between patent applicants and Patent Office...

Gernot Trolf - September 30, 2014

Algae to Fuel

The BIG oil companies have given up on fuel from plants but continue to receive billions of dollars as subsidies. What is wrong here? Why are they still receiving it? Obviously they...

geoAMPS - September 26, 2014

Reasons for solar energy's growth

The cost of solar power has dropped significantly in recent years. Between 1977 and 2013, the overall cost associated with solar power plummeted an amazing 99 percent. There are several...

Jonathan Doochin - September 11, 2014

2030 Outlook: A Trillion Dollar Taxpayer Bailout for Electrical Utilities

After bailing out Wall Street in 2008, are Americans ready to provide a one trillion dollar bailout to our electric utilities in 2030?  Even though worldwide demand for energy is estimated...

John Farrell - September 03, 2014

A Rarely Tapped City Strategy for Boosting Local Renewable Energy

Many cities served by private utilities think they have little capacity to encourage local renewable energy development.  But a largely untapped tool — utility franchise contracts —...

Nadim Chaudhry - September 01, 2014

Coal kills people

Every day death and illness caused by the air pollution, toxic contamination and mercury poisoning leaching from the world's coal plants and oil refineries and the tailpipes of roughly...

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