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Diarmaid Williams - April 24, 2015

Represent Renewables: One Week Left to Enter PEI's EMEA Project of the Year Awards

Power Engineering International has launched the EMEA Projects of the Year, which will seek to highlight the best in power plant construction across Europe, the Middle East and Africa....

Chris Meehan - April 22, 2015

US Energy Grid Review Finds Needed Upgrades Would Allow More Solar, Renewables

Yesterday (April 21) the U.S. Department of Energy released the first Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) of the U.S. Energy Infrastructure. The review looked at the entire energy infrastructure...

geoAMPS - April 20, 2015

Environmentally friendly solutions for projects

geoAMPS joins the celebration of the worldwide observance of Earth Day on April 22 by offering paperless solutions for organizations and their ambitious projects. geoAMPS, a technology...

Victor Cardona - April 20, 2015

Clean Energy Patents Rise in 2014, Solar Tops others, Toyota and GM battle

U.S. patents for Clean Energy technologies in 2014 were again at an all time high of 3609, which was 434 more than 2013. GM retained control of the annual Clean Energy Patent crown...

Sol Systems - March 31, 2015

Is Community Solar Coming to Maryland?

Although renters or homeowners with shaded roofs may be ineligible to “go solar” themselves, they can subscribe to a share of a community solar project so that a portion of their electric...

Energy and Mines - March 31, 2015

Renewables Are Customizing PPAs for Mining Industry, But More Dialogue Necessary

Goldcorp’s Chilean operations has dedicated time and effort to exploring renewable energy for its 200 MW El Morro project, which has encountered delays because the company’s environmental...

steve segrest - March 20, 2015

Is Ethanol Being Forced Down Our Throats?

What Would We Replace Ethanol With? In the U.S., ethanol has become a "Whipping Boy" -- especially among Tea Party Types as yet another example of "Big Government" intrusion on free...

Chris Meehan - March 19, 2015

Obama Signs Executive Order Requiring Government to Increase Renewables Use to 30%

Today (March 19) President Barack Obama (D) signed an Executive Order requiring the federal government to increase its use of renewable energy to 30 percent and to reduce its emissions....

Jack Dawson - March 16, 2015

How Governmental Green Financing and Debt Settlement Are Related

Even in these economically difficult times, governments loan billions of dollars to households, corporations and organizations through various government programs. Governments extend...

Michael Pierce - March 11, 2015

How to Save Fuel with Idle Reduction

With fuel costs rising and falling faster than a winter barometer, there is increased pressure on the trucking industry and others that rely on heavy machinery to reduce fuel costs...

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