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c-Si, Thin Films Vie for Solar Cell Market

Robert Moran, BCC Research February 7, 2012 As the solar energy market continues to grow, crystalline silicon (c-Si) and thin film materials have emerged as leaders in building the most efficient solar panels at the lowes...

Death to PV Subsidies

Tim Keating, Contributor February 3, 2012 Unsubsidized solar photovoltaic (PV) systems already produce electricity – in some parts of the world – less expensively than coal and gas-fired power plants. As PV system price...

Advanced Development of Flexible Substrates for PV

Denise Rael, FlexTech AllianceRael February 3, 2012 Flexible photovoltaics (PV) have the potential to reduce the cost per Watt of solar energy and improve lifetime performance of solar modules. The conformable properties open up ...

Global Concentrated Photovoltaic Market Growth and Investments

Gitika Chanchlani, GlobalData February 1, 2012 Concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) is an upcoming renewable market that promises to provide cost-effective power generation at high levels of efficiency. The performance of a CPV ...

Smart PV Inverter Benefits for Utilities

Michael Zuercher-Martinson, Solectria Renewables January 30, 2012 Utilities nationwide are currently mandated to install a base of 6.8 GW of PV by 2020. However, many utilities are embracing renewable energy portfolios for many reasons beyond ...

Think Ink for Increased Efficiency

Jamie Novak, Applied Nanotech, Inc. January 27, 2012 One dollar per watt: that's the mark the solar industry is hoping to hit in order to become cost-competitive with conventional energies. In a bid to reach this magic number in t...

Photovoltaic Installations: Around the World

Pete Singer, Chief Editor, Photovoltaics World December 14, 2011 We went looking for photovoltaic installations that were either utility-scale ground-mount systems or smaller roof-top installations. We found those, plus a little of everything...

Champion Advocates of Photovoltaics

Pete Singer, Chief Editor, Photovoltaics World December 8, 2011 The solar industry is just one technology in a large pool of power generation, and its growth depends on public interest and advocacy. The articulate thought leaders in this cat...

Champion Companies of Photovoltaics

Pete Singer, Chief Editor, Photovoltaics World December 5, 2011 The supply chain behind today's photovoltaics industry is vast, including materials suppliers, equipment manufacturers, cell and module manufacturers and balance-of-system provi...

Champions of Photovoltaics Cells and Modules

Pete Singer, Chief Editor, Photovoltaics World December 2, 2011 Record-breaking efficiencies achieved in the lab make for exciting headlines, but where reality hits the road, the roof and the ground, is with the technology that goes into com...


Volume 18, Issue 4


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