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Hydro TV

August 18, 2015 Tune in to see what's going on with the PennWell Hydro Group and our editors on Hydro TV.

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Hydro Jobs

August 18, 2015 After receiving numerous requests for a listing of jobs in the hydropower industry, now offers a place to view and post jobs through our sister site PennEnergy.The job sear...

Service and Maintenance

August 18, 2015 With a track record of success keeping grid-connected energy storage systems online and operational since 2008, NEC Energy keeps your GSS™ in the market at high performance levels to maxi... NEC Energy Solutions

"Hydro Talk" Blog

August 18, 2015 Want to know what we're thinking?The editors of and Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines share their thoughts on happenings from around the industry in the...

HydroWorld Weekly

August 18, 2015 HydroWorld Weekly provides the news and updates you need to know in a convenient e-mail format. This free newsletter recaps the most important stories of the week and highlights some of w...

Hydro Bookstore

August 18, 2015 If you are interested in renewable energy, especially hydropower related technologies, we have a wide variety of titles to assist you in doing your job better.The following titles are ava...

ALM™ Lithium Ion Batteries (12V – 48V)

August 18, 2015 NEC Energy Solutions ALM family of advanced lithium-ion batteries delivers exceptional performance, long service life, and robust safety for tough, critical applications. Available in a v... NEC Energy Solutions

August 18, 2015 HydroWorld, at, offers practical, useful information, helpful examples, and constructive guidance from experts. The information readers receive helps promote and sustai...

Social Media

August 18, 2015 For more news and information, connect with us through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook! Connect with us in the LinkedIn Group to discuss what's going on in the industry....

Hydro Glossary

August 18, 2015 If you have employees new to hydro, or if you're looking for a handy reference to hydro terms, you’ll want to get the new tool: the Hydropower Glossary. The glossary is a 12-page booklet ...


Volume 18, Issue 4


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