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Geothermal Visual: GEA, Clean Energy Organizations Tell Congress: We Need Tax Extenders 'As Soon As Possible'

Leslie Blodgett October 13, 2015 In a letter dated Oct. 5, over 580 signatories representing clean energy industries, including Geothermal Energy Association, urged Congress to pass tax extenders as soon as possible this...

Beyond Utility 2.0: Part 4 “Next Steps”

John Farrell Principles, Structure, and Policies of Energy Democracy Energy democracy can best be described as an electricity system that empowers the individuals and communities that have the energ...

How to Save on Your Next Power Bill

George Gray   Your rooftop solar is going to generate less electricity over the winter months. Your hot water and heating costs will also become a larger portion of your bill and fo...
clean energy

In Clean Energy, The Truth Matters

Jennifer Delony October 9, 2015 A group of about 20 protesters gathered outside the Sheraton in Burlington, Vt., early on Oct. 8 as attendees arrived at the hotel and conference center for Renewable Energy Vermont’s ann...

Massachusetts: A Solar Champion, but at a Cost?

October 9, 2015 Lately, Massachusetts has gotten used to winning, and the Massachusetts solar market is no exception. With over 300 MW of installed solar capacity and nearly 10,000 solar jobs, Massa... Jeffrey Popkin - Sol Systems

New Study: Flexible Gensets Can Boost Solar- and Win-diesel Hybrid Solutions

Dr. Thomas Hillig The genset industry reacts to growing hybrid markets with a new approach that overcomes limitations of traditional gensets and reduces operating costs for mining companies. Gensets are t...

New Hampshire Promotes Better Wood Heating

Samantha Donalds New Hampshire’s location in northern New England means that the winters are long and cold. Heating costs are high and can be crushing for many households, especially because many pa...

Hawaii: World’s First Hydrogen Economy?

Stewart Taggart Can Hawaii become the world’s first renewable energy/hydrogen economy? Hawaii’s small size, isolation and abundant renewable energy resources give it an ideal opportunity t...
energy efficiency

Beyond the Trend: Maximizing the Impact of Your Energy Efficiency Solution

Indran Ratnathicam October 6, 2015 A revolution is happening in the energy sector. From the new regulations pushed out earlier this summer by the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to the continued hype around renewables like solar an...

Why the Solar PV Industry Should Love Geothermal Heat Pumps Pt 2

Billii Roberti It’s a marriage made in heaven: Solar PV and Geothermal Heat Pumps Part 2 of a 6-Part Series Prevailing Heating Technologies Right now, in our eagerness to generate renewable ele...


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Solar + Storage: Capturing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges ...

The convergence of solar and energy storage applications is under way. T...

Optimizing Distribution Network Operations and Planning with ADMS

Join Scott Koehler, Schneider Electric’s Smart Grid IT Strategy VP, on N...

Ocean Energy Europe

On 20-21 October, OEE2015 will bring together 500 high-level delega...


It's All About The Why

Why do people buy your product or service? This is a question that you s...

Tracked Community Solar Gardens Bloom

Victor Delgado and his wife Norma had been watching their utility bills ...

Five Microgrid Powerhouses (Part 2)

Five Microgrid Powerhouses (Part 2)   Last week, we wrote about the...


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