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Are German Transmission System Operators Against Energy Storage?

Stephen L. Prince October 5, 2015 September 16 was a big day at Younicos this year, as it marked the one-year anniversary of the commissioning of Europe’s first commercial battery park in Schwerin. The mood among the poli...

Meeting the Need for Uniform Energy-Storage Codes, Standards and Regulations

Michael A. Stosser and Kyle E. Wamstad September 23, 2015 The energy-storage industry is now at a stage where stakeholders need to develop a coordinated vision for safety codes, standards and regulations (CSRs). Although standards in the solar i...
clean power

Measuring the Measurable: The Clean Power Plan and the Need for Open, Accurate Market Data

Andrew Rector September 14, 2015 These developments, such as the Clean Power Plan (CPP) seem to be setting up another big boost to the renewable energy market, but they are going to both require and create huge amounts o...
Renewable Energy

The Future of the Internet of Things in Renewable Energy

Michael Hummel September 10, 2015 The energy business can no longer be differentiated by simply applying more improvements via mechanical engineering and physics. The next wave of innovation will be driven by sensors and ...
Top 10 Clean Energy Trends Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution

Top 10 Clean Energy Trends Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution

August 26, 2015

LG Chem: Storage Battery Leader

Debra Fiakas August 18, 2015 The post “Energy Storage Restart,” which was published last week, discussed the efforts by General Electric (GE: NYSE) to get back into the market for utility-scale energy storage.  ...

Why Smarter Grids Demand Smarter Communications Networks

Mark Madden August 12, 2015

Historically, utility networks and communications networks have had little in common.

GE's Energy Storage Restart

Debra Fiakas August 4, 2015 A few years ago General Electric (GE:  NYSE) built out a manufacturing facility in Schenectady, New York for its sodium-ion batteries.  CEO Jeff Immelt declared the company a co...
US flag

Mid-Year Celebrations: Fireworks, A World Cup, And Clean Energy Momentum

Clint Wilder, Clean Edge July 15, 2015 This month alone, we Americans celebrated our nation’s birthday, capped off perfectly by the USA women’s soccer team’s sensational 5-2 victory in the World Cup final. As we hit the halfwa...

How To Make Solar PV2EV Profitable

Frank V. Di Massa, Contributor July 14, 2015 Sonoma Clean Power (SCP) is saving everyone in Sonoma County a little money on their PG&E bill and that’s a pretty big deal, but it’s just part of the story.  In February I purch...


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Distributed Energy Storage Benefits on Both Sides of the Meter

Solar and wind are excellent sources of clean, renewable energy, but as ...

What You Need to Know about Solar, Storage, and Microgrids

REC Solar recently participated in a webinar on Renewable Energy World t...

Siemens hybrid solution for mines offers huge fuel saving opportuni...

Operational results from islanded grids will go a long way in informing ...


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